Client Scenarios

Ivy League Applicant

This student had all the basics for admission success (GPA, Class Rank, SAT’s, etc.) and was seeking admission to several top-tier colleges including Harvard & Princeton. We worked with the student on: college selection strategy, teacher recommendation strategy, application essay editing and application quality review.

RESULT – The student received acceptances from all six top-tier schools he/she applied to, including Harvard and Princeton.

Math Oriented Student

This student was seeking early admission to one of the nation’s ‘hot’ colleges. The student and the parents had done a terrific job of developing a college admissions strategy and the student had most of what it takes (GPA, SATs, Extra-curriculars) to land at a top-tier school like this one. Both parents recognized that, as a math oriented student, the application essays…both the main essay and sever shorter mini-essays…might be the weak link of the application package.

George provided pre-essay writing advice on topic selection and he then edited the first two drafts of the student’s main essay and application mini-essay responses.

RESULT – Student was admitted early decision to NYU – Class of 2009.

Learning Disabilities Issue

A parent came to us one day and inquired if a learning disability would hurt a student’s chances at admission to college. I told her, “No, in fact, many colleges have staffs or departments that focus on issues of the learning disabled.” The family then retained us to do research on colleges within her GPA/Rank/SAT range that could accommodate his/her learning needs.

When presented with my list of potential colleges, they immediately zero’d in on Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, because the student’s grandparents also lived in Boca Raton. Our application strategy then centered on that school.

RESULT The student was admitted to four colleges, including Lynn University.

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