All-Inclusive Packages

Senior Year All-Inclusive Rate: $3,500

Junior Year All-Inclusive Rate: $5,000

This all-inclusive package provides the student with application support from college strategy development through essay topic selection/editing, application message strategy, teacher recommendation strategy, application quality review (for up to 8 applications), wait list strategy, choosing among acceptances and 7-day-a-week access to an advisor for any questions that arise along the way. This is the SMART choice for full college advisory support!

Hourly Rate

RATE: $150/hr.

This option is ideal for those who want support or help on a portion of their college admission process. The most typical users of the hourly rate seek help in these areas:

• Essay editing

• Application quality review

• Teacher recommendation strategy

• Wait-list reversal strategy & support

• Scholarship research and support

“Where Can I Get In?” Analysis

RATE: $100

We will review your academic and extra-curricular information, along with your college selection criteria to develop an overall analysis and a non-binding projection of colleges that are in the STRETCH, REASONABLE and SAFETY categories. Includes a 30-minute phone or in-person meeting to discuss the report with the student and his or her parents.