"Two emails from a parent whose daughter and son were clients. "

Hello Nancy,

Since we are currently living in [non-U.S. country] I suggested to George that I contact you via email regarding his college services. It has been a real pleasure to work with George. His research, diligence and expertise proved invaluable for both our children.

[Sally] transferred from [College A] to a special program at Columbia for students who have a unique talent, interest and require a flexible schedule. Although my husband and I are both from New York City, we were not aware of this option for receiving a degree from Columbia. His editing and suggestions regarding her essay were brilliant.

My son [Jacob] who was a student at [Prep School B] came from a totally different background then our daughter. George helped us define the best programs for him and advised us early on what it would take for Jacob to attend one of the IVY'S (sic) which was important for him. George assisted in advising our son what his essay was missing, edited it for grammar and molded it to construct an essay that was reflective of our son's capabilities, goals as well as how he would benefit a particular college community.

We will be in [non-U.S. country] for a few more days and then are headed back to the States to bring our boy to Columbia.

George is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting into a particular school or assisting them in helping them find the best fit.

Hope this helps. I can be reached at.....

"Follow-up email from the same client parent a few months later:"

Hi George,

So nice to hear from you.

Yes, feel free to use us as a referral. Hope all is well on your front, George.

As always thanks for all your help, my kids would not be where they are without your support and guidance.


Current parent comment (Child admitted for Fall 2013):

This is a fabulous result. The [Smith's] are all very pleased. (Ed. Note: Student client admitted to 9 of 10 schools applied to.)

I will honestly state that we would not have had this success without your keen listening to clues, insight, support and guidance. You being the "external voice" served to keep him focused and created an understanding of the importance of the admission "process."

"Dental school applicant –Personal statement/essay editing provided:"

“The essay reads great now. I had a few people read it. They all loved it. Thank you very much for your help.”

"Parent of pharmacy school applicant daughter:"

“You have been very helpful with all of your knowledge and insight with Sarah’s search. We will be in touch as well regarding [Brian’s] as we help unfold his path.”

"Parent of two client children:"

“Of course, George. It goes without asking that you can use me as a reference.”

"Teen client comments:"

(Current client comment - Admitted for Fall 2013) -

"Dear Mr. Scurlock,

I was accepted into the honors program at ____. I just wanted to thank you for all the help. I am in my dream school and in a great position to achieve my goals and aspirations.

Thanks again."

“Mr. Scurlock,
Thank you so much for all your help.”