Top Ten

The Top 10 Reasons to Use College Help One

1 - Competition for admission to top-tier colleges has never been tougher. You need every legitimate advantage in your search for (and admission to) the right college for YOU.

2 - George Scurlock – founder and lead advisor – knows the top-tier college admissions process and what it takes to position a student for admission.

3 - Personalized service. According to Kaplan (Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide 2005), the average high school counselor has 300+ students they are responsible for. George will never take on more than 25 full-service clients in any academic year. That means more expert attention paid to you and your applications.

4 -Application essays can make or break an entire application package. Skillful essay editing can help create the positive impact needed to gain the attention of admission officers.

5 -We’re easy to work with! Most clients work with us via e-mail and phone exclusively. Some also include face-to-face meetings at key points in the college selection and application process.

6 - 24/7 Access. Serving most of our clients as ‘cyber-advisors,’ we are not restricted to standard office hours. George accesses e-mails morning, afternoon and night, including weekends. In essence, we are never closed. We pledge to be available and responsive to you throughout our relationship together.

7- We offer reasonable rates. With both all-inclusive and hourly pricing options, we are able to tailor a service package that meets your particular need. See our Services page for more details.

8 - Our record of success. As of December, 2013, we have had a 90+% success rate with our clients gaining admission to their target colleges. While we, of course, cannot guarantee identical success for every client, this success pattern is a good indication of the quality of advice and counseling given every day to every client.

9 - We can serve as a valuable reality check for the unreasonable expectations of both students and parents. Our ‘Can I Get In?’ analysis can help establish a reasonable list of target schools, including appropriate reach and safety schools in the mix.

10 - We can serve as a ‘buffer’ between students and their parents when arguments and tension surface in the college application process. We can be an objective outside advisor to you both.